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A Letter to all Student-Athletes at Duquesne University:
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Duquesne University. I hope that the upcoming year is one of growth and fulfillment in both your academic and athletic endeavors. The Duquesne University community and the Department of Athletics is committed to your education and will support and encourage the efforts you make towards completing your degree here. We have a dedicated staff with excellent support facilities and programs to aid you in your classroom efforts. These things are of little value unless you, the student-athlete, can provide the main ingredients -- effort and commitment!

As you have undoubtedly learned through your athletic pursuits, anything worth having takes effort. If a college degree is important to you, then it is worth making the effort to attain. Just as you make the commitment to being the best athlete you can be, we ask that you make the same commitment to being the best student that you can be.

Please take advantage of all resources available to you as a student-athlete at Duquesne University. You should never hesitate to ask for help if you are experiencing difficulties in your academic or personal life.

Stay positive, work hard, set goals and always give your best effort!


Sherene Brantley
Associate AD / Student Services

Important Telephone Numbers for Student-Athletes

Academic Support for Student Athletes Sherene Brantley: 396-5243
Katie Kresho: 396-4553
Maggie Burnham: 396-4006
Department of Athletics 396-6565
Comprehensive Student Services 396-6394 or 6395
Learning Skills Center 396-6636
Freshmen Development/Special Student Services 396-6657
Career Services Center 396-6644
Counseling and Testing Center 396-6204
The Writing Center 396-5209

Academic Advising
Academic advising is provided to all student-athletes to ensure that all requirements are being met in order to continue satisfactory progress towards a degree and to maintain athletic eligibility. Student-athletes have the opportunity to pre-register for class each semester in order to better organize and facilitate their classroom and athletic schedules. The registration process and course selection sheets are reviewed by the Academic Support Staff.

The Office of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes is operated on five basic premises.

  1. To encourage excellence in academics and athletics at Duquesne University in order to create an enriching and rewarding experience for all student-athletes.
  2. To assist student-athletes in balancing demands so that progress towards an academic degree is completed and athletic eligibility is maintained.
  3. To create an environment that promotes responsibility in the educational process and challenges student-athletes to gain achievement in all facets of life.
  4. To enhance the academic career of student-athletes through informed advice and utilization of all campus resources and programs.
  5. To assist freshmen and transfer student-athletes in adjusting to the demands of their new situation with orientation and special programs

Monitoring Classroom Progress
In an effort to remain aware of the academic status of each Duquesne University student-athlete, the academic support staff requests the completion of progress reports from faculty members throughout the semester. These reports monitor class attendance, test and paper results and completion of assignments. This information can indicate if the student might benefit from additional help in certain skill areas. Freshmen and other students meet weekly with academic support staff members to complete self-assessment reports and to plan the academic week. These weekly planning sessions are comprehensive and address the educational and personal needs of the student-athlete.

Any student-athlete who could benefit from having additional assistance to meet the demands of their courses is eligible for tutoring services. If it is determined that assistance in a specific skill area or course is necessary, special individualized tutoring as well as group sessions are arranged. Duquesne University's student-athletes are also encouraged to take advantage of services provided by the Learning Skills Center and the Writing Center on campus as well as the departmental study support programs.

Individuals interested in becoming a tutor should contact the Office of Academic Support Services. Qualified tutors are required to be a junior or upperclassman in their academic status and hold a 3.5 grade point average in the tutoring subject area.


Student-Athlete Study Hall
Study hall has been developed and organized in order to provide the student-athlete with a specific, structured time for completing assignments necessary to succeed as a student. The main focus of the study hall program is to help students develop consistent and appropriate study patterns by providing a structured setting to work on class assignments and to provide tutorial assistance before problems arise.

Equipped with computers, private study desks and conference tables, Study Hall is open throughout the day and each evening for the use of student-athletes. The criteria for mandatory study hall participation can vary. The minimum standards that all student-athletes adhere to is a minimum of six hours of study time per week for freshmen, first-year transfers and upperclassmen who have not achieved a 2.25 cumulative grade point average. Student-athletes are required to bring their Duquesne University identification card to check in and out of Study Hall.

Study Hall is supervised and attendance is recorded and reported to all head coaches on a weekly or daily basis as deemed necessary. In addition, the Director of Athletics and the head coaches of each sport are notified of any absences, tardiness or inappropriate use of study hall time.

              Study Hall Operating Days and Times
               Sunday (5-10pm)

               Monday-Thursday (9am-10pm)

               Friday (9am-5pm)

               Study Hall is located in the Academic Resource Center on the 4th floor of Mendel Hall.

Travel Support
To help balance the academic work load, laptops are made available to Duquesne University student-athletes for checkout and use during away contests. The laptop and all components must be returned within 24 hours of the team's arrival on campus. An official travel notification letter for any class absence due to athletic contests is also provided to student-athletes. The letter is distributed by the head coach to their team. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to submit the letter to each professor within the first week of classes. The student-athlete is responsible for making up all missed class work.

Academic, career and personal counseling for student-athletes is available through the Office of Academic Support Services, and at other offices on the Duquesne University campus, such as the University Career Services Center, the Comprehensive Student Advisement program and the University Counseling Center. The Office of Freshmen Development and Special Student Services assists the Office of Academic Support Services in identifying particular learning needs of student-athletes and in recommending specific courses of action which can be implemented to help ensure academic success.

Additional Programs
In an effort to respond to the specific needs of student-athletes, special programs are presented throughout the course of the year. These programs cover a various range of topics which are identified to promote and stimulate the academic, social, psychological and spiritual development and growth of Duquesne's student-athletes.

Issues that are addressed include orientation, study skills, time management, interpersonal skill development, University etiquette and protocol, anxiety and procrastination. Additional enrichment programs are also offered in conjunction with various offices on campus.

Student-athletes are also presented with the opportunity to participate in community service projects and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). To recognize the academic achievements of Duquesne's student-athletes, the athletic academic support staff continually works to nominate student-athletes for a wide variety of national, conference and campus awards including compiling a semester-by-semester Director of Athletics Honor Roll, identifying anyone with a 3.0 grade point average or better.

Individuals involved in intercollegiate athletics are in a very unique position. In order to experience success at Duquesne, the student-athlete is asked to excel in both the classroom and in athletics. The program of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes has been designed to assist in balancing the demands of their dual role. Through academic advising and essential support services, the student-athlete's personal growth, motivation and the development of educational and career goals are encouraged.

As the balance between academic and athletic achievement is fostered, the student-athlete's experience at Duquesne will be both rewarding and successful.